Internal Regulation

Dear guests, we are committed to creating a welcoming environment and we hope you can spend beautiful and carefree days in our home. The Internal Regulations you are about to read are designed to be a support for a harmonious stay, thanks to the respectful use of the apartment you will help us maintain a valuable holiday accommodation over time.



On the day of arrival the rooms will be available from 16:30 by appointment. Access to the rooms is allowed only to customers of the structure, therefore the entry of unreserved, unauthorized or unregistered people is prohibited.

If a customer brings a person unknown to the management to the room and without having provided the documents, the maximum rate for the double room will be applied as a penalty even if the illegal access occurred in a single room, in addition to the unquestionable decision of the management of cancel the contract with your client regarding the stay and invite him to leave the facility. In case of refusal to identification by the customer's companion, the public force will be used to obtain what is due.


We are a small non-hotel structure that aims to provide customers with a comfortable and quality environment at an affordable price so it is absolutely necessary to avoid unnecessary waste thanks to your kind collaboration in using the equipment made available to you.

The towels, included in the room price, are replaced after three days of stay of the guest and at each customer change while the sheets after seven days and at each customer change whatever the conditions of the linen.

Therefore, guests are asked to make adequate use of the linen provided and not to throw the towels on the ground in order to obtain their replacement following a single use since the towels are only wet but not dirty.

We therefore recommend guests to dry their towels in the spaces provided for this purpose, such as the towel rails in the bathrooms or in the clothesline, avoiding not only storing towels but any other wet clothing both on the chairs and on the wardrobe doors or anywhere else in the room not intended for such use.

However, it is possible to expressly request the change of the linen set before the three days provided or if the change is necessary following an explicit customer conduct (e.g. towels thrown on the floor), an amount equal to 12.00 per person will be charged.

Should it be ascertained that the linen supplied in the rooms is missing or where it is irreparably soiled as to make it unnecessary or particularly laborious and expensive to wash due to illegitimate use by the guest, the guest will be charged the amount of € 10.00 per piece, by way of compensation for damages and the garment irreparably stained will be delivered to the customer.

Therefore, for the aforementioned reasons and not least out of respect for the structure and all guests, we advise customers not to use the linen provided for use for shoe cleaning, face cleaning to remove the make-up (with make-up remover wipes available), depilations with creams, rub the hair affected by dye that release color or otherwise abstain from any other improper use that leads to its irreparable deterioration.


The cleaning service included in the price will take place every three days from 10:00 to 14:00. Customers who wish to use this service are asked to allow access to the room at the times indicated when requested. Otherwise, if the customer refuses to have the cleaning done, he will have to wait the next day to be able to use this service.

The customer is still required to leave the room in order, otherwise the room will not be cleaned and this situation will be made known to the customer.

If the room should be found in conditions of dirt objectively beyond the norm or of dirt produced beyond the normal use that a guest can reasonably create, an extra € 15.00 per day will be charged, in addition to any damage found from dirt or use not adequate, such as indelible stains on carpets, bedspreads, curtains, bedroom furniture etc. etc.


Guests are required to respect the rules of civil coexistence and above all relating to condominium life, respecting the silence hours from 14:00 to 16:00 and from 22:00 to 08:00.

The guests are also obliged to a decent and responsible use of the common areas and equipment trying, among themselves, not to create discomfort or limitations.

It is absolutely forbidden to use alcohol and drugs inside the facility.

It is forbidden to eat food inside the rooms (excluding those that may be provided by the structure).

It is forbidden to use inside the structure warmers, irons, electric heaters, food warmers, gas stoves and the like, since they can cause damage to the structure itself, people and things.

The use of electrical appliances is prohibited, with the exception of sanitary equipment, razors and baby equipment.

It is absolutely forbidden to throw objects in the toilet and sinks that could obstruct the pipes. Otherwise the cost of the relative intervention will be charged.

For hygiene reasons, animals are not allowed to enter, except in special cases with express approval from the management and with the payment of a supplement for the necessary cleaning needs.

In case of loss or breakage of the keys, a penalty of € 55.00 will be applied.

Any damage caused to structures, furniture and objects due to negligence or negligence must be promptly communicated to the Management and will be attributed to those who caused the event.

Please put the folded bedspread back in the wardrobe if it is not being used, thus avoiding leaving it on the floor.

It is required to enter the structure with your feet clean from the sea sand in order to avoid damaging the floor.

The management thanks for the kindness of its guests to turn off the lights, the television and the air conditioner and before leaving the room to turn off the bathroom taps and windows in order to prevent possible damage caused by bad weather.


Breakfast is served from 8:30 to 10:00. Kind guests are asked to communicate in advance any intolerances or allergies. Not all rates are inclusive of breakfast service but it is possible to request it. The price of the breakfast service varies according to the type of breakfast requested.


The guests are required to keep the money and their personal belongings of value in the appropriate safes with which each room is equipped. The Management is not responsible for theft, loss and damage to values and objects left inside the structure. Therefore any disputes by guests about alleged disappearances of these objects will not be taken into consideration in any way by the management.


For express regulatory provision (law 584 of 1975, art. 51 law 3 of 2003 and subsequent modifications) and for obvious reasons of hygiene and safety, smoking is strictly forbidden in the whole structure. Smoking is allowed only on the common terrace without causing discomfort to other guests. If a bad smell is detected in the room which suggests the failure to comply with the aforementioned prohibition, the management reserves the right to apply the penalties provided for by the law against the offender. If the guest persists in the prohibited behavior even after a warning and a penalty, the guest will be invited to leave the facility without any right to reimbursement for any unused nights. Any damage, such as signs of burns and holes in or on the furniture, floor, linen etc., will be charged on the invoice for an amount equal to the replacement value.


In the city of Alghero the collection of waste takes place door to door so your kind collaboration in the differentiation of the same is requested. In each room and in the common areas special baskets are made available for the collection of plastic and metal, paper, organic and residual dry waste. Please do not leave any food or residue inside the room that could cause bad smells.


In the event of an interruption in the supply of electricity, water, the WI-FI service or the heating and air conditioning service for reasons of force majeure and therefore not attributable, the Management declines all responsibility and will not be liable for any refund.


As clearly reported both on the website of the structure and on the bookings received from the relevant OTAs, the check-out time is set for 10:00. Delays of up to 30 minutes after this time are allowed in leaving the room free of people and things. If the room is still occupied beyond 12:00 by people or things, such as luggage or objects owned by the guest, a penalty equal to an extra night will be charged at the maximum price charged without having the right to use the relative stay.


Before departure, guests are requested to check that they have not forgotten objects and clothing. The objects found will be kept for a maximum of 30 days from the date of check-out. After this period, in the absence of requests from the customer for shipments or recoveries by means of agents, steps are taken to eliminate these objects or clothing. Requests for shipments by guests to their home must be paid in advance in the amount of € 20.00 in addition to the out-of-pocket shipping costs.

These regulations are fully accepted at the time of booking and a copy of the same is present in each room and on the website of the structure




In case of cancellation of the stay up to 30 days before arrival at the hotel, the cancellation is free and we will refund the amount paid withholding 10 euros as a preliminary investigation costs.

The refund is not applicable in the case of a non-refundable room.

In case of cancellation of the stay up to 29 days before arrival, an amount equal to 30% will be charged.

In case of cancellation of the stay from 7 to 1 day before the arrival will be charged a 50% amount.

In case of no show for No Show 100% will be charged.



The guest who anticipates the departure must pay a penalty equal to 50% of the remaining amount of the stay.



If the cancellation is replaced by a new reservation on another date for the current season, no penalty will be applied and the deposit will be retained by the structure and taxed as a stay deposit.



Upon confirmation of the reservation a deposit of 30% of the total reservation is required.



The City of Alghero has provided for the payment of the tourist tax so each guest is required to pay the same amount of € 0.25 per person per day in the low season (1 / 10-30 / 04) and € 0.50 per person per day during the high season (1 / 05-30 / 09).

Exempt from the payment of the tourist tax:

  • Minors within the twelfth year of age.
  • Those who stay overnight to guarantee assistance to people admitted to the city hospital.
  • The period of stay accessing the first seven consecutive nights.